Startup Committee

Today's dynamic startup ecosystem is comprised of visionary individuals and innovative companies that form the Startup Council. These visionary individuals and innovative companies stand as active contributors to the solutions we seek.
Dr. iur. Marc-André Schauwecker

Mr. Dr. iur. Marc-André Schauwecker

President of SAMBA

Markus J. Kaeser

Mr. Markus J. Kaeser

Managing Partner, Swiss Invest Selection Group AG

Gabriela Stadler

Ms. Gabriela Stadler

Senior Portfolio Advisor, Gaia Management GmbH

Roger A. Jann

Mr. Roger A. Jann

Managing Partner, Einbrucke LLC

Nicole Curti

Mr. Nicole Curti

Partner, Head of Stanhope Capital Switzerland & Chief Operating Officer

Hakan Sesle

Mr. Hakan Sesle

Chief Investment Solutions, Marcuard Heritage