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Today’s societies face unprecedented global challenges such as climate change or biodiversity loss. Increasingly, stakeholders expect companies to be part of the solution to these global challenges.
Dr. iur. Marc-André Schauwecker

Mr. Dr. iur. Marc-André Schauwecker

President of SAMBA

Markus J. Kaeser

Mr. Markus J. Kaeser

Managing Partner, Swiss Invest Selection Group AG

Gabriela Stadler

Ms. Gabriela Stadler

Senior Portfolio Advisor, Gaia Management GmbH

Mojmir Hlinka

Mr. Mojmir Hlinka

CEO, AGFIF International AG

Roger A. Jann

Mr. Roger A. Jann

Managing Partner, Einbrucke LLC

Natalia Soboleva

Ms. Natalia Soboleva

Head CIO Office, Generali Switzerland