asc impact forestry fund gets 25 million euros for investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

asc impact forestry fund gets 25 million euros for investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

21st October 2022 Dr. Matthias Schulz & Mr. Christian Winkler Articles

asc impact forestry fund gets 25 million euros for investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Munich, September 12, 2022 - The asc impact forestry fund celebrates a successful first closing with investments exceeding the 25 million euro mark. The investment in sustainable forestry in Sub-Saharan Africa is associated with strong positive impacts for the climate. Investors mainly from the DACH region are part of the first closing.

The asc impact forestry fund will invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of up to 20 sustainable forestry projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. All projects will be actively managed by the management team. The investments are mainly made in regions characterized by high deforestation rates and a strongly growing demand for sustainably produced timber.

In addition, the investment opportunities combine other strengths: Over the entire life cycle, up to 5,000 jobs are created, significantly increasing the prosperity of local communities. Furthermore, the forests store up to 2,400,000 tons of CO2 annually over the life of the fund. Due to the excellent growing conditions and the high local demand for wood, the asc impact forestry fund manages to generate remarkable returns.

"After an intensive start-up phase and strenuous fundraising, we are extremely happy to have achieved more than 25 million euros in the first closing," says Christian Winkler, one of the managing directors of asc impact GmbH. "With this, we can already initially acquire three to four sustainable forestry projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. We also placed particular emphasis on making our fund attractive to institutional investors." 

"Sustainable forestry is a necessary step to protect vulnerable areas in Sub-Saharan Africa from increasing deforestation, to strengthen employment in rural areas as well as to fight climate change. The asc impact team manages to combine sustainability and returns. This approach convinced us to invest. We are very pleased to be part of the first closing", says Florian Rahmann from Survista Financial Advisors AG.

The founding team of asc impact - initiator of the asc impact forestry fund - combines decades of agricultural and forestry expertise with venture capital, start-up and legal experience. The result is a complementary team with a relevant track record.

Karl Ernst Kirchmayer, Co-founder of asc impact GmbH says, "Our family has been sustainably managing soils and forests in Austria and Eastern Europe for over 300 years. This experience now enables us to invest in emerging growth markets in Sub-Saharan Africa and manage the land there sustainably for decades."

"The asc impact team recognized early on that Africa will be the continent of great opportunity in this century and with the asc impact forestry fund gave investors an excellent chance to participate in this potential. The promised sustainability approach as well as a focus on the education of local people is of great importance in our investment strategy and has been one of the many motivations for our investment," underlines the managing director of a Bavarian family office.

The first projects of the fund in Sub-Saharan Africa are already under implementation. Project regions are being sustainably and carefully selected in line with our investment criteria. Together with our local partners, areas and tree species are carefully selected. With this strategy, the asc impact forestry fund is taking on a pioneering role in the field of sustainable forestry.

"A key point for my support was asc impact's sustainability approach and the multifaceted and entrepreneurial team, which resonates with me. The fund combines high returns with measurable benefits for the climate and the respective communities," confirms Stephen Brenninkmeijer, founder of Willow Investments, long-time board member of the European Climate Foundation and responsAbility Participations AG.


About the asc impact forestry fund

The asc impact forestry fund is a forestry fund managed by Nixdorf Impact Movement Management GmbH as managing limited partner. asc impact GmbH is the investment advisor of the fund. The fund invests in sustainable forestry projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, aiming to sequester significant amounts of CO2 and have a positive impact on local communities. Investment opportunities are spread across different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, for example Angola, Ethiopia and Congo-Brazzaville. The current deal flow amounts to a project volume of EUR 200 million with a target return of around 19% net IRR.

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