MBA series: In the Samsung cave

MBA series: In the Samsung cave

20th June 2006 Andreas Schmid Articles

MBA series: In the Samsung cave

Benno Marbach travels to work in a taxi. So he is from his apartment near a park in five minutes at the headquarters of the electronics company Samsung in the center of Seoul. In the evenings, the 36-year-old leaves more time to get home. After a twelve-hour working day, he strolls home on foot. He'll be there in a quarter of an hour, whereas most of his work colleagues will have to take a long and arduous bus trip to the outskirts.

Marbach has been living in South Korea for almost a year; Even before he graduated from the University of Michigan Business School in the United States, he was hired by Samsung as a global strategist. The company recruits graduates on site who want to start an international career within the group.

Marbach's curriculum vitae reads well: Having grown up in Horw LU, he passed the modern language Matura in the St. Fidelis college in Stans NW and studied in St. Gallen. In 1995 he left the university with two degrees, one in international relations and one in international management. Kraft, Coca-Cola and Nestlé - Marbach worked in the areas of marketing and sales - were his first professional positions.

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