Samba: Swiss summit of the MBA elite

Samba: Swiss summit of the MBA elite

26th September 2007 Helga Wienröder Articles

Samba: Swiss summit of the MBA elite

Many top shots will be shown on the group picture, for which all participants have to line up photogenic after completion. They flow from all over Switzerland and neighboring countries, especially from Germany and France, to the Swiss Re Center for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon. The center sees itself as an elitist think tank of the Swiss economy and therefore likes to offer the right framework for the 300 CEOs and executives, not least thanks to training at one of the most renowned universities in the world today of headhunters and people - Relationship officers are being courted fiercely.

Visionary founder

Behind the event is Benno Marbach, 37, who founded the Swiss Association of MBAs (Samba) together with a few colleagues in 2004 - and that has a story: the HSG graduate left St. Gallen's elite school with two degrees twelve years ago, one in international relations and one in international management. Marbach's goal has always been to pursue an international career. However, since Swiss degrees outside Europe are still too little known and therefore hardly suitable as a door opener in his opinion, he obtained his MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, from where Samsung took him directly during his studies hired away from campus.
As a global strategist, he still works at the headquarters in Soul and is on the road for the globally active industrial group, especially in the USA. In his free time, he maintains contacts with other MBA graduates from Europe and the USA as well as Koreans, whom he met at the Ross School. These relationships and experiences in the professional and private sphere have certainly inspired Benno Marbach to found the Samba network. Samba members include students, alumni, but also professors.

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