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Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well

SAMBA ("we" or "us") understand that you entrust us with personal information, and we take seriously our data privacy obligations. We strive to make you feel comfortable with the measures we take to protect and safeguard your personal information. This Website and Cookie Policy ("Policy") describes in detail how we handle information that we collect on our website. By clicking "I agree" to the popup describing our website tracking tools when you first access our website, you agree to our use of your information as described in this Policy and in accordance with the particular privacy settings you selected.

This Policy may be updated at any time. Please ensure that you regularly read the latest version of this page. 

Type of technology



A cookie is a small file placed onto your device that enables LinkedIn features and functionality. Any browser visiting our sites may receive cookies from us or cookies from third parties such as our customers, partners or service providers. We or third parties may also place cookies in your browser when you visit non-SAMBA sites that display ads, host our plugins or tags.

We use two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. A persistent cookie may help us recognize you as an existing user, so it’s easier to return to SAMBA or interact with our Services without signing in again. A persistent cookie stays in your browser and will be read by SAMBA when you return to one of our sites or a partner site that uses our Services (for example, sites that use our sharing. Session cookies last only as long as the session (usually the current visit to a website or a browser session).


A pixel is a tiny image that may be found within web pages and emails, requiring a call (which provides device and visit information) to our servers in order for the pixel to be rendered in those web pages and emails. We use pixels to learn more about your interactions with email content or web content, such as whether you interacted with ads or posts. Pixels can also enable us and third parties to place cookies on your browser.

Local storage

Local storage enables a website or application to store information locally on your device(s). Local storage may be used to improve the SAMBA experience, for example, by enabling features, remembering your preferences and speeding up site functionality.

Other similar technologies

We might use other tracking technologies, such as mobile advertising IDs and tags for similar purposes as described in this Cookie Policy. References to similar technologies in this policy includes pixels, local storage, and other tracking technologies.



Information we collect

We may collect information about you when you use our website or when you apply for or use other services offered by SAMBA in the following ways:

·       To create an account you need to provide data including your name, email address and/or mobile number, payment details (eg. credit card) and a password.

·       We collect personal data from you when you provide, post or upload it to our Services, such as when you fill out a form, respond to a survey, or submit a resume or fill out a job application on our Services.


·       We collect certain information about you (i.e. browsing history, and website usage information) through our use of cookies, pixels, plugins and other tracking technologies when you use our website. For example, we identify the region where you are located based on your partially-masked IP address (which is anonymized immediately thereafter) in order to direct you to the appropriate country specific webpage. The collection of information on our website is described in more detail below.

·       We may also collect personal information about you as a result of us recording communications, such as chat conversations, with you. We may store those recordings, in order to satisfy our legal and regulatory obligations, for quality assurance, or for the other purposes described in this Policy.

·       If you use the password-protected or country-specific portions of our website, we may ask you to provide us with certain information about yourself. This information may include your name, company name, title, address, country of residence, e-mail address, telephone number. We use such information about you to verify your identity and eligibility to receive certain products or services, to provide information to you about products and services that we believe may be of interest to you, to record your interest in products and services that we offer, and to respond to your requests for information. We may also use cookies or other tracking technologies on portions of our website to collect website usage information and to optimize your user experience on our website (e.g. remembering your country of residence). We may also collect personal information you provide to us in applications, forms, questionnaires or agreements you enter into with us or in the course of your establishing or maintaining a customer/member relationship with us.

·       Under certain circumstances, third parties may collect anonymized information about your use of our and other websites and make this data (in anonymized form) available to us, to help us understand (i) from which geographical regions users have viewed our website, (ii) user behavior with respect to SAMBA ads that are posted on other websites and (iii) the names of other websites on which you were shown SAMBA ads.

·       You and others may post content that includes information about you (as part of articles, posts, comments, videos) on our Services. Unless you opt-out, we collect public information about you, such as professional-related news and accomplishments (e.g., professional recognition, conference speakers, projects, etc.) and make it available as part of our Services (e.g. suggestions for your profile, or notifications to others.




·       We may target (and measure the performance of) ads to Members, Visitors and others both on and off our Services directly or through a variety of partners, using the following data, whether separately or combined:

·       Data from advertising technologies on and off our Services, pixels, ad tags, cookies, and device identifiers;

·       Member-provided information (e.g., profile, contact information, title and industry);

·       Data from your use of our Services (e.g., search history, feed, content you read, who you follow or is following you, connections, groups participation, page visits, videos you watch, clicking on an ad, etc.), including as described in Section.

·       In addition to advertising our Services, we might use Members’ data and content for invitations and communications promoting membership and network growth, engagement and our Services, such as by showing your connections that you have used a feature on our Services.

How We Share Information

Your profile is fully visible to all Members, Sponsors/Partners and customers of our Services. Subject to your settings[MS3] , it can also be visible to others on or off of our Services (e.g., Visitors to our Services or users of third- party search engines). 

In a group, posts are visible to others in the group. Your membership in groups is public and part of your profile, but you can change visibility in your settings.

Any information you share through companies’ or other organizations’ pages on our Services will be viewable by it and others who visit those pages.


Who can access the information we collect

To the extent permitted by law, SAMBA may disclose your information to its and their agents and third-party service providers, inside or outside your country of residence, to perform services for SAMBA. All SAMBA service providers that have access to personal data collected through our website are required to treat the information confidentially, use personal data only for the purpose for which it is provided, and respect all applicable data protection laws, SAMBA policies, and data protection contractual terms.

SAMBA may also disclose your information to governmental agencies or entities, regulatory authorities or other persons in line with:

·         Applicable law, regulations, court order or official request;

·         Any requests from or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities; or

·         Similar purposes as are (i) either required or permitted by applicable law and (ii) permitted by SAMBA policies.


Security of data transfers

Please note that if you transfer your information to us through an open network, (such as the internet or an email service), such open network may not be a secure environment, and there is a possibility that your information may be (i) lost, (ii) transferred to another country and/or (iii) viewed and/or used by unauthorized third parties. If you decide to provide information to us through an open network, SAMBA cannot ensure the security and confidentiality of your information. Therefore, we ask that you consider using alternative methods of communication when sending us your sensitive personal or confidential information.

Protection, processing and use of personal data

We use your personal information to enhance the quality of our services as well as to maintain contact details for those with whom we interact. We restrict access to personal information about you to the employees or other parties who need to know that information to provide services to you. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard your personal information, including firewalls, individual password, encryption, and authentication technology. Other than as set forth in this Policy, we do not use or disclose your personal information to third parties, except with your consent or if disclosure is permitted by both law and as contemplated in the privacy notice(s) that we provide to you. In cases where we believe that additional services may be of interest to you, we may share your personal information with SAMBA members to the extent permitted by applicable law. 

We will retain your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws for so long as it is needed. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the SAMBA Privacy Notice accessible through the official SAMBA website (e.g. for Switzerland please visit


California Consumer Privacy Act

If you are a resident of California U.S., please see our California Privacy Disclosure below.

The CCPA requires us to disclose whether we sell your personal information. We do not sell your personal information. The CCPA provides Californians with the following rights:

-       Requests for Information

-       Your Right to OPt Out of Sales

-       Your Right to Notifiction

-       Nondiscrimination for exercising your CCPA Rights

-       Your Right to Delete Personal Information


The CCPA Categories of Personal Information We Share for a “Business Purpose”

While we do not sell your personal information, we may share it to support our own operational purposes in providing Services to you, as described in our Privacy Policy. These operational purposes, known as “business purposes” under the CCPA, are described below. In addition, we may share personal information at your direction, such as when you choose to communicate with other members through our Services.

Auditing Interactions

We may share types of personal information with partners, service providers and related companies, in order to audit interactions and transactions, such as to count or verify the positioning and quality of ad impressions.

Security Purposes

In order to secure our Services, including to detect, prevent and investigate security incidents or violations of our Professional Community Policies or applicable laws, we may share the types of personal information with our partners, service providers, law enforcement and related companies.

Service Improvements

In order to improve our Services (such as to identify bugs, repair errors or ensure that services function as intended) or conduct internal research and analysis to improve our technology, we may share types of personal information with our partners, service providers and related companies.

Service Providers and Other Notified Purposes

We may share types of personal information with Service Providers, as defined by the CCPA, in order to have them perform services specified by a written contract or with others for a notified purpose permitted by the CCPA (e.g., to respond to law enforcement requests).


Your choices

You have choices on how SAMBA uses cookies and similar technologies. Please note that if you limit the ability of SAMBA to set cookies and use similar technologies, you may worsen your overall user experience, since it may no longer be personalized to you. It may also stop you from saving customized settings like login information.

Opt Out of targeted advertising

You have choices regarding the personalized ads you may see.

SAMBA Members can adjust their settings here[MS4] .


Some mobile device operating systems such as Android and iOS provide the ability to opt out of the use of mobile advertising IDs for ads personalization. You can learn how to use these controls by visiting the manufacturer’s website for both Android and iOS.

Browser controls

Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their settings, which may be adapted to reflect your consent to the use of cookies. Further, most browsers also enable you to review and erase cookies, including SAMBA cookies. To learn more about browser controls, please consult the documentation that your browser manufacturer provides.


How do I change my cookie settings?

You can change your cookie preferences at any time by clicking on website footer “Configure Cookies”. You can then adjust the available sliders to ‘On’ or ‘Off’, then clicking ‘Save and close’. You may need to refresh your page for your settings to take effect.

Alternatively, most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit or

Find out how to manage cookies on popular browsers:

·         Google Chrome

·         Microsoft Edge

·         Mozilla Firefox

·         Microsoft Internet Explorer

·         Opera

·         Apple Safari

To find information relating to other browsers, visit the browser developer's website.

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit